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The Company


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The Company


PK CONSULTING GROUP was founded with the goal of providing comprehensive consulting services. Soon, it expanded its range of services to include Restructuring / Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory. With a wide range of clientele both in Greece and abroad, a number of valuable partnerships and always based on the deep market knowledge and extensive experience of its people, the PK CONSULTING GROUP holds a unique position in the advisory market.


The encouragement of entrepreneurship, the investment in knowledge and human resource and the achievement of top quality, diversification and meeting the needs of demanding clients, is the only viable option today. We, the people of PK CONSULTING GROUP, realizing new investment challenges, we offer through our experience specialized consulting and financial services, covering the whole range of operational functions in practice, by using two different forms of advice to businesses and organizations of both the private and Public Sector.

"Your growth is our goal"

Konstantinos Papadopoulos

  • Extensive experience

    For the extensive experience of our people in the consulting and financial services sectors

  • Reliability, professionalism

    For our reliability, professionalism and respect for the client

  • Integrated service

    For our integrated service packages

  • Partners

    For our wide range of partners

  • Validity

    For the validity of our clientele

  • High success rate

    For our high success rate in terms of approval of investment proposals

Because all of the above rank PK CONSULTING GROUP among the first choices of investment consulting for your company, offering excellence and leading your company to success.




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«Respect towards man»

Principles of PK CONSULTING GROUP are ethos, commitment, honesty and absolute respect not only towards the client, but also to all the people with whom we come into contact every day. For us, entrepreneurship relies heavily on proper communication, placing it as the basis for creation of ideas, proposals, and creative business solutions.

«Children are the only form of immortality that we can be sure of»

Believing strongly that children are the hope for the future, PK CONSULTING GROUP offers its help in the "Children`s Village SOS" contributing to their effort. Our commitment is the constant vigilance in all matters concerning children, and our contribution in addressing them.

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«Nature does not infringe its own rules»

PK CONSULTING GROUP actively supports a business activity friendly to the environment. The logical use of paper, plastic and other resources in order to minimize the environmental impact of our daily business activity is our objective. For this reason, we reject the reckless use of paper and other consumable, supply only the necessary amount of recyclable products, and follow all the appropriate recycling processes. Furthermore, we make reasonable use of our equipment (printers, copiers, air condition etc ) in order to contribute as much as possible to the protection of the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, any company is an integral component of the society in which it operates, as it affects and is affected by the circumstances of time and space of its environment. In PK CONSULTING GROUP, we recognize our share of responsibility towards society and the environment, and make an effort to contribute.


Konstantinos Papadopoulos is a CEO of PK Consulting Group. K. Papadopoulos continues his successful career both in Business Advisory, and the Creation and Management of Investment Proposals opening new horizons by applying a political openness and creating synergies with strong foreign firms (ATIEH INTERNATIONAL, TREATMENT ABROAD) as well as domestic ones helping to foster a better investment climate in our country.

He is a graduate of the Economics University of L 'Aquila Italy and has a Masters degree in “Administration and Management of Industrial Units”. K. Papadopoulos has enhanced his knowledge of Economics through his experience as an executive in the field of asset management at multinational companies in Milan and expanded to the fields of advisory and investment sector.

Konstantinos was previously a Sales and Marketing Director in multinational and large companies in Greece, a Senior Project Manager Project for several years in large consulting firms as well as an evaluator for investment proposals. He is licensed to practice the economics profession and has an extensive experience, on the audit, evaluation, presentation and management investment proposals under the Investment Law 3299/04, 3908/11, 4146/13, FAST TRACK LAW and Programs of the CSF and NSRF 2007-2013.


Vasilis Tryfonas is a Senior Consultant of PK Consulting Group. Vasilis has to offer a 15 year career primarily focused on project management.

His experience includes resource loading (recruitment/staffing), resource leveling (sharing resources), team building, team consensus, budget management, developing project scope (budget and delivery dates), customer relationships, cost management, continuous design improvements and conducting status meetings and customer reviews.

He is a graduate of the University of Surrey with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Nottingham Trent University, Business School.

Human Resources

A fundamental principle of the philosophy of PK CONSULTING GROUP is the investment in human capital, seen as a prerequisite for successful activation and growth of the company.

PK CONSULTING GROUP consists of executives with extensive industry experience in the advisory sector. In conjunction with a specialized network of external partners it offers comprehensive services, making the company a secure choice for your business goals.